24 September 2011

How to get the new Facebook 'Timeline'

No Bakwass only gyan :)

1. Go to the Facebook developers page .
2. Click on the "Apps" button and give the app permission to access your information.
3. You will now find yourself on a page that gives you the option to "create new app." Click on that button.
4. Here you will enter an "app display name" and an "app namesake."
5. Read the "platform privacy policy" and check the box to agree to it. Click continue.
6. Click the "open graph" button on the left side.
7. Type in an action such as "watch" and "TV show" and click "get started."
8. Keep saving changes until you are done.
9. Wait a few minutes and then head to the Facebook home page. You will see a message to enable "Timeline."

and you will get like this

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