24 July 2010

Visapur Fort Trekking - The most adventurous day of My Life till now

In simple words I can say today is The Amazing Day of my life in terms of experience, adventure, enjoyment.

Today we went to Visapur Fort for trekking with our SST Team.

As we have planned already we reached Pune Railway station early and reached Malvali station at 9am. Then we started moving towards Bhaja Village. We visited Visapur caves and started our trek towards fort. In between we lost our ways so with the help of one local boy, we reached at the top around at 3-30pm. Till now everything is amazing, waterfalls, the scenery, etc.

While returning back, we lost our ways as we chose wrong path, so its like we were nowhere to go. People are praying to GOD that we will be out soon, as its time of evening. So its better to be out otherwise we were in a big trouble. But Finally, we found the path and returned back.

At 9 we reached at Pune. The trekking is a fantastic experience full of adventures.


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