23 April 2010

Love Story

Golden day it was when i first fell in love,
In the ocean of happiness, first time i dove.
My hopes from the future were much too high,
In the dreams i was flying just up above the sky. (1)

Remember the time when we went to temple?
I wished for just one thing though ambitions were ample.
I had been happier than ever, if it had come true,
But now i am an atheist, and God has nothing to prove. (2)

Remember the times when we were holding each other's hands
Separation of a moment, we were not able to stand.
Didn't know that time would one day take us so aprat,
Our love story would end, before it could even start. (3)

Remember the time when we went out to dine?
You were looking so amazing, lovely and divine.
Your skin was so fair, and your hair were so smooth,
Your voice was so sweet, and your smile was so cute! (4)

Remember the times when we talked for hours
Phone bills went high, but we were crazy lovers.
You got me a precious gift when i brought you some flowers,
Stronger than anything else, that love was ours. (5)

Remember the time when you first came my home?
You were so shy when you met my dad and mom.
When my parents really liked you, i was so delighted,
Didn't know that caste difference would make us so divided. (6)

Remember the time when i first kissed you?
Now you are long gone, and i so much miss you.
All those promises you gave me, but couldn't keep one,
Still i believe you blindly, why you are so hard to shun! (7)

If you ever decide to come back, you are welcome to my heart,
But promise me that once you come, you won't ever depart.
Life will keep moving and i will still be waiting,
Coz even though you forget me, my love is never ending. (8)

Auther: Vaibhav Shah

Disclaimer: All the characters in this love story are non-fictitious and any resemblence to persons living is not purely coincidental.

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