15 March 2010

UB City Luxurious Mall

UB city is quite different from the other stereotypes malls present and coming up in India. It’s the mall set up by United Breweries Group Known as UB city. It’s a luxurious mall, which is huge and magnificent.

UB city is the mall with a difference. There are many malls in Bangalore like Garuda, forum, Big Bazaar, Bangalore central etc. but this is very different. At the entrance of the mall one can realize how big it isand who owns(Dr.Vijay Mallya). Large fountains are there at the gate. There are good restaurants like Rajasthani, Rajdhani, Subway and others to enjoy good food at. There are huge showrooms of famous designers from all over the world say Italy, France, England. There are showrooms of Rolex watches, Rado and many more brands. The style of display is what makes things different. The tiles, colour combination and other features are different. No doubt about the sales persons. They are very sophisticated and professional. Behind the mall is the office of UB group. The time to spent is less if there is nothing to buy but the place is good for a short visit and if someone is ready to loose some cash then no doubt he can be assured of the luxury and choices that are available. The mall is built to pamper.

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