22 March 2010

There are a lot which can be changed..

In life there are a lots of things that can be altered. TCS Bangalore Location is one of these.

After a long queue, when my turns its like very much confusing what I will get Kochi or Pune or Chennai or my current base location Bangalore..

After a list we 5 people got Bangalore, Telecom ISU which made me happy that I got what I was wanted. Namma Bengaluru. We were asked to report to our Telecom RMG at ITPL and got project interview in Lucent project.

But Interviewers are horrible like they are just want to break us. And someone said that when rape is not evitable enjoy it. But finally they wanted people who are willing to work on c and assembly only. So there was no chance so two of five got the project.

After these I wanted to change my location, the reasons are lot. One people is ready to get swap from Pune to Bangalore. So I asked and after so many tries finally I got Pune. :-)

The purpose of these story is not to make people feel that I won, but in Life HOPE means a lot and if you are determined then you will definitely get what you want to achieve.

Dream BIG, achieve BIG.

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