23 March 2010

Bengaluru to Pune - Life changing scenario

I don't know whether my decision to get relocation from Bengaluru to Pune is right or wrong. But I asked and I got the relocation. And as per situation we are supposed to report at TCS, Magarpatta City, Pune on 24th March, 10am. Just one day for Bengaluru to Pune is difficult but we don't have any option.

So now we are moving from Bengaluru to Pune with the hope that we will get project soon. As TCS, Pune branch is known for R&D. So chances are there that we will get good project here. But in life luck always matter when I am there. So now its all depends.

Though I have been in Pune five times before this, but I have not seen much apart from MIT and Balewadi Stadium and some other place. And the place where we are staying Magarpatta city, I have seen nothing. But its great to be in Pune too. Life is rocking, I am not regretting for my decision as soon as city change is concern.

Hope to get good project soon. :)

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