01 December 2007

Virus Removal Tools

Brontok, SSCVIHOST.exe, MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe, Enable Registry Edit, Enable Run, Enable Folder Option, Enable Task Manager, Show Hidden Files, Abort Shutdown in a single tools. To get the tool mail me at malay@msquarelive.com

09 October 2007

Creating Jar Files

Today I learned how to create jar files

Step 1:
jar -cvf

Step 2:
jar -xf

Step 3:
Now edit META-INF/MANIFEST.MF and add Main-Class:

Step 4:
jar -cvmf MANIFEST.mf

29 September 2007

First Novel

Today I have completed my first Novel "One Night @ the Call Center" by Chetan Bhagat

Seminar on ASP.net, ADO.net

Today I have attended one Seminar on ASP.net and ADO.net at my College. The Seminar is taken by our HOD Prof.B V Buddhadev and Chirag Sir.

13 September 2007

Server Installation for CentOS

Today I have installed CentOS and updated php, mysql, apache using yum command.
The Main task is to edit the following file with appropriate attributes and then use yum command


or simply replace the with appropriate file.

Sometimes It also needs

rpm --import /usr/share/doc/centos-release-4/RPM-GPG-KEY

I have stored all the links and appropriate files for further use.

21 August 2007


Today I got call from Sun Microsystem, Banglore. I have register myself for the project to my Head of Department Prof. B.V.Buddhadev. So they call me with their reference. They will call me tomorrow for further discussion about the project.

So today I feel just like a .....

I can not have words to explain my pleasure for this event.

16 August 2007

I got the Slide Effect code for Webpages that works on all the browsers...

This code is based on JQuery.


Here ifxElement is Id of element to which you want to animate.

Today i also found out the code for html tool tip which shows html code as tip to which you can follow.

15 August 2007

Slide Effect for Webpages

Today I started working for animation inclusion in webpages. After long effort I got one filter effect for the Microsoft Website that is

FILTER: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Slide(slidestyle=HIDE,Bands=1);

Unfortunately I at the last stage of integration in the website this works better in IE but doesn't work in Mozilla.

Now I tried for the code that work on both the browser....

12 August 2007

Java Begins

Today I started Java in step by steps. Today I developed Login Form using Swing, Awt with Data Connectivity with MS ACCESS. I also learn about Exception, Action Performed, Data Types, Functions, Methods in detail.

09 August 2007

Result B.E. 4th Semester

Today My Fourth Semester Result declared. I got 64.625% that is too less compared to other students. But I get Highest in Special Project Lab(SPL) that is Project in the class. I got 46 out of 50. Because I have developed an Anti piracy Dll that is Innovative and new creation from the current scenario.


Today I donate blood for third time.